Updated 15 May 2023

Welcome to Sly Flourish's Lazy RPG Campaign Template for Notion.so. This Notion notebook helps you organize and run your tabletop RPGs using the style and steps from Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master. Read Using Notion for Lazy D&D Prep or watch this video on Notion for Lazy Dungeon Masters.

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Duplicate and Customize the Template

Duplicate this notebook for each campaign you run by clicking the three dots in the upper right and clicking “duplicate”. Customize your copy to suit your own style. Delete all the instructional text. Come back to this original template for changes and updates.

"Configure the template" for the "Generate Session Planning Template" button (the little gear icon on the right when highlighting the button) to tailor your own session notes page and get rid of the instructional text. Then create new session notes by clicking "Generate Session Planning Template" below and renaming the page to the date and campaign.

This notebook uses two underlying databases: the character database and the campaign database. Each holds cards for characters, NPCs, villains, items, and locations.

Add character information including pictures, character sheets, links to online character sheets, and notes to the Character Database. Add NPCs, villains, items, and Locations to the Campaign Database. The Characters, NPCs, Locations, Villains, and Items pages are views into the campaign database filtered on the appropriate tags. Both databases contain sample characters, NPCs, villains, and locations. Add images to every card to inspire you and give you images to share with your players.

Monsters and Combat Tracking

This notebook works with the 5e Artisanal Monster Database, a Notion database of more than 2,400 searchable and sortable OGL-released monster stat blocks from six different monster books along with a database view that lets you track combat encounters during the game. You can download it separately and use it for all of your campaigns from just the one copy. It’s really big which makes duplication slow so that’s why it’s not included here.

(Remove the above instructions once you’ve duplicated the template.)

Lazy RPG Campaign Planner

Session Notes Template Example

Session Zero Notes